segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2008

To Realyze Dreams

To work in Tourism is to make dreams come true. Think about the honey moon, or when someone retires, they want to go to a special place, it shoul be unforgetble. When someone spend money that could buy a house or a car, it must to be considered. It is an investment!

In some cases, people are very rich and they can spend all the money that they can, but, in the most of cases, people saved money all life long to go to the Greek Islands or Caribe.

So, it must to be important. It's an unique opportunity.

The professional in Tourism need to pay attention in each detail of its work and to antecipate the guest's needs. The guest will be pleased and will give you the return.

A big smile at the face is a key for the success and even those you are tyred, think about the dream you want to realyze at your own life, automatcly you will be qualifyed to serv the guests.

See ya!!

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

Buffet - Snack Stewards

The buffet is one area that you can use a lot of criativity. People who works at the buffet area are the snack stewards.

They work at all the meals. If you work at the coffe break, you work at the lunch too. If you work at the afternoon snack, you work at the dinner too.


Snack Steward:

White jersey (carry)

The company offers you:

2 black skirts

2 vests
2 ties

Shoes(company offers)

ps. Don't need to buy white snickers.

Snack stewards only uses the black selves, at the ship´you can buy it, but use to have the 15 wire. I advise you to buy it 60 wire plus, to not spoil easely... you have 20% discount as employe.

The buffet area is responsible for the meals supervision and buffet line. table cleaning, decoration, food reposition and cutlery/plates during all meals and guests attendancy. The salary is about 700 until 1.000,00 euros/month + tips

quinta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2008

The importancy of your feet

All the crews works a lot. Most of them, works standing all the time, so, taking care of your feet is very important!

Some cruise company give the working shoes for their employes, but they ar not very comfortable.

You can use your own shoes but be carefull, because if you hurt yourself, the company woulod not be responsable for you, because you wre not using the shoe's company. It must to be slipers.

There are some silicone insoles that you can buy. They are very soft and your feet will get rest, also it can provide the natural humidity for the feet, yet it alleviates the impact.

For the girls, selves, gentle compression are a good option to provid rest for the legs. It can avoid varices too.

Legs and feet maintain the body, so if you cares a lot for it, do this little investment. Its a small investment for a greates good.

See you!!

quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

Election Year

2008 is an election year in Brazil. We are going to vote to mayor and councillors. But if we are travelling abroad, how can we vote? we don't vote, we justify it.

We have until 30 days after get back to Brazil, to justify our vote. We have to go to to the nearest electoral office, show copies of our passport and fly ticket.
The voting is compulsory in Brazil, so if we don't vote, we can suffer some limitations, as well not to apply for puplic tender or to provide vestibular.
It's a funny way to do democracy in Brazil but law is law, we have to follow it.

terça-feira, 12 de agosto de 2008

Bloggers on duty!

Before you get on board or between a contract and another, some people use to criate blogs. It's a fun way to pass time and to share experience with others.

At this time, there are five left girls to get board date at my Costa trainning group. We are so anxious, that everyday we ask each other if she has her the board date already.

Some of us gave up, others got a new job and don't want to go as a crew ship member anymore, so, here we are still waitting... Wich us luck!

segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2008

10 advantages to be a crew member

What motivate some one to stay far from familly and all

  1. To travel abroad

  2. To met several foreing people

  3. To get professional experience

  4. Improve the language and to learn others

  5. To develop pacience and strength

  6. Learn to organyze time

  7. Learn to be punctual

  8. Learn to follow rules

  9. Apreciate the minimun things from nature

  10. Apreciate your familly

sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2008

Advices for the trip

For the trip, you'll need to buy some things that are gonna be necessary for you. At Costa Company, they give you the uniform plus the shoes you gonna weare, but if you want to have a little more comfort, follow the tips below:

  • A pair of black slippers shoes

  • two white social Jersey (that one the waiters use)

  • A pair of insole silicone to protect your feet

  • For the girls, several black and skin collor selves

  • A white pair of snickers

  • Several white socks

  • For men, black social pants

Its always good to bring with you some food. Always have some food at your cabin. Nothing perishble, coockies are the ideal food to have at your cabin. Full stomack is the best medicin for ship nauseas.

Some medicines are good to have with you too. Thet medicines that you use to take:

  • aspirins

  • some vitamin supplement

  • medicin for the cold

To take care of your health is the best medicin. So, always have all your meals, take a rest the more you can, preserv your energies, so don't drink too much and don't stay all night up just for fun. Have always a bottle of water in your cabin. Its better to it at the ship stops. The water inside the ship is no good.


quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2008

That was the first selection in Salvador

That was the first time in Salvador that Infinity Brazil comes out from Santos- SP and goes to another state to do this selection.

It depends on the seazonality and the demand. at the beginning of this year, people from Salvador made the bigest number of interested people to be crew members.

That was the first time that a cruise ship company made the enterviews out of Santos.

The group from Salvador was about a hundred people. this group were getting smaller and today we are about thirty. That happens because of the selection. English and othe languages are a very important subjective to be analyzed at the interview, othe important issue is the experience in hotels or restaurant, or the area that you are applying for. Some people gives up or find other jobs during this period between selection and the wait for the board date.

Salvador is one of the most beautiful city in Brazil and is on of the destinies that the cruise ships passes trhought.

sexta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2008

Now you gonna follow from here the list with all callings


*Julinho_3 de agosto - Barwaiter - JÁ FOI!!!
*Ava_17 de agosto - Cabin stewardess - JÁ FOI!!!
*Isabella Campos _ 14 de setembro - Snack Steward - JÁ FOI!!
*Liliane (Lila)_14 de setembro - Butler - JÁ FOI!!
*Pedro (Carioca)_21 de setembro - Barwaiter - JÁ FOI!!
*Lucas_ 05 de outubro - Snack steward - JÁ FOI!!
*Clara_26 de outubro - Assist. waitress - JÁ FOI!!!
*Isa (Ateniza)_02 de novembro - Assist. waitress - JÁ FOI!!!

*Fabiane_16 de novembro - Front desk
*Paula Nogueira_16 de novembro - Front desk
*Bárbara Costa _16 de novembro - snack steward


*Marco Túlio(Sérgio Reis)_10 de agosto - Barwaiter - JÁ FOI!!!
*Bah_17 de agosto - Room service - JÁ FOI!!!
*Vitor Reuter(Tito)_ 14 de setembro - Assistant bartender - JÁ FOI!!
*Edd_14 de setembro - Snack steward - JÁ FOI!!
*Tati Cruz (Robin Wood)_10 de outubro - Snack Steward - JÁ FOI!!!
*Lorena Louzada (Lore)_ 11 de novembro - Snack steward
*Débora Gomes(Macaxeira) _ 14 de novembro - Snack steward
*Jim_19 de novembro - Barboy
*Mila _19 de novembro _Snack steward


*Robson (Delícia)_8 de setembro - Cleaner- JÁ FOI!!
* Ana Luiza _ 14 de setembro -Front Desk - JÁ FOI!!
*Monty _22 de setembro - Barboy - JA FOI!!!
* Fernanda (Celtinha) _ 27 de outubro - Snack Steward
- JÁ FOI!!!
* Sauane (Cuduro) _16 de novembro_ Snack Steward
*Verônica (Véu)_ 17 de novembro - Snack steward
*Fábio Teles (Kaká)_ 24 de novembro - Barboy
*Audrey - Snack steward - 20 de outubro - JÁ FOI!!!!