sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2008

Advices for the trip

For the trip, you'll need to buy some things that are gonna be necessary for you. At Costa Company, they give you the uniform plus the shoes you gonna weare, but if you want to have a little more comfort, follow the tips below:

  • A pair of black slippers shoes

  • two white social Jersey (that one the waiters use)

  • A pair of insole silicone to protect your feet

  • For the girls, several black and skin collor selves

  • A white pair of snickers

  • Several white socks

  • For men, black social pants

Its always good to bring with you some food. Always have some food at your cabin. Nothing perishble, coockies are the ideal food to have at your cabin. Full stomack is the best medicin for ship nauseas.

Some medicines are good to have with you too. Thet medicines that you use to take:

  • aspirins

  • some vitamin supplement

  • medicin for the cold

To take care of your health is the best medicin. So, always have all your meals, take a rest the more you can, preserv your energies, so don't drink too much and don't stay all night up just for fun. Have always a bottle of water in your cabin. Its better to it at the ship stops. The water inside the ship is no good.