domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

Buffet - Snack Stewards

The buffet is one area that you can use a lot of criativity. People who works at the buffet area are the snack stewards.

They work at all the meals. If you work at the coffe break, you work at the lunch too. If you work at the afternoon snack, you work at the dinner too.


Snack Steward:

White jersey (carry)

The company offers you:

2 black skirts

2 vests
2 ties

Shoes(company offers)

ps. Don't need to buy white snickers.

Snack stewards only uses the black selves, at the ship´you can buy it, but use to have the 15 wire. I advise you to buy it 60 wire plus, to not spoil easely... you have 20% discount as employe.

The buffet area is responsible for the meals supervision and buffet line. table cleaning, decoration, food reposition and cutlery/plates during all meals and guests attendancy. The salary is about 700 until 1.000,00 euros/month + tips