quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2008


Ok! Now you have been approved in all interviews, made all the trainings, what happens now?

It's pretty simple. You wait for the documents (STCW, Environmental certificate and medical exams). The agency will send it by Mail, it can take about a month to arrive at your home. Then, you wait for the agency phone call, telling you what day you are going to go on board. It can be whenever...
Your family and friens will going to start asking you, if you're crazy, this trip is fruit of your imagination...
Don't panic! read a book, work out, criate a blog...

One tip: I'm not sure if it is always like that, but I started to pay attention that my agency has an order to follow, for the phone calls.

First, they call the housekeeping area, them front desk, restaurant, bar and buffet area crews. I must to remember you that this information is subjective, is just an analysis I made (I believe that management functions don't follow that order, because they aren't many).
And please, as soon you receive your board date, tell your friends, it helps a lot with their anxiety.

Friendship 2

MC Carioca
Mc Carioca
Pedro Tortelly, known as Carioca, you can call him many names, but he will always be our Mc!! He plays gaita and criated a very peculiar song, wich letter will stay inside your imagination...

Poliglotas do Arrocha

dancer singer guitar

As I told you before there is a group of guys that self denominated "Poliglotas do Arrocha". They are so criative, and so talented that when we put them together it couldn't be different. Robinho Delícia (Robinho Delight), Tito Baiano (Tito from Bahia) and Compacto (Compact) translate songs to english, italian, spanish and when they get extra help from D'Mennol (a girl that speaks Filand language), they translate songs to Finland language too. I'm pretty sure that inside the ship, they will do a huge success!!