segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2008

To Realyze Dreams

To work in Tourism is to make dreams come true. Think about the honey moon, or when someone retires, they want to go to a special place, it shoul be unforgetble. When someone spend money that could buy a house or a car, it must to be considered. It is an investment!

In some cases, people are very rich and they can spend all the money that they can, but, in the most of cases, people saved money all life long to go to the Greek Islands or Caribe.

So, it must to be important. It's an unique opportunity.

The professional in Tourism need to pay attention in each detail of its work and to antecipate the guest's needs. The guest will be pleased and will give you the return.

A big smile at the face is a key for the success and even those you are tyred, think about the dream you want to realyze at your own life, automatcly you will be qualifyed to serv the guests.

See ya!!