quinta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2009

I´m back

Hello guys
I´m back!!

now that I finished my contract at Costa Magica, I know better how is the life on board. I can agree with many things that was posted here before, maby somethings I don't agree but it will be posted in another moment. Now, e are going to know a little how was my contract.

Well, first I would like to tell you how was my flight. Missing a few minuts for my flight to leave from Salvador, I resolved to open my e-mail box to see one last time my messages. That was the wa y that I knew that my flight had been changed. Yep, my agency only informed me about this changing from the e-mail box, and if I did't open it, I could just go to the airport by the time my real flight should be leaving, at 5:00.

The first attitud I had when I first saw the e-mail was calling my agency, the Infinity Brazil. They did't know how to explain me a thing about what heppend to me, the only person that knew about the changings were Sheila, who is encharged for the contact with the company. She seemed to be very nervous and no patience at all.

I just ran out from my house without saying good bye to my kids, and went to airport. When I arrived there, the airplane was still there, but I did't have time enought to travel in it, because I still had to do tha check in, 'coz I was doing an international trip, and I should arrived at tha airport to do the check in at list 2 hours before the departure. I lost my flight!

When I calld back the agency, they just sad to me to go back home and to weit for another embarcation date. What do you think? I had been waitting for that day for months, I could never go back home and just wait again, I don't Know how many months more..

I was lost there, and my colleague Sauane arrived at the airport with her mum, she was having the same problem as me, in fact she suposed to be in the same flight as me from Salvador to Sao Paulo.

She gave me the idea to call Genova and try to catch the international flight, but for this we should pay some rates, but Sauane lended me the money and I went on. When I called Genova, they told me that I could go, but my flight at Frankfurt, only could leave Sao paulo in the other day, so I slept in Sao Paulo, and I arrived at Savona, in my embarcation day. It means that I did't sleep at the hotel like everybody, I did't have the time to get rest after the whole trip, I just arrived from the airport straight to the ship and starried to work.

I'm telling you this story because what I see in this is that the agency only is interested in feeling up the number of workers for the companies, so this way they get more money. They don't care if you are the right person for that job, or if you can be in a better position, they want the money and that is it! But I don't care. I still have something to thank them, because they were the people that put me inside the ship, even if I could be in a better position or if I had to be my oun agent when I had the problem, they still have theyr part in my embarcation.