quinta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2008

The importancy of your feet

All the crews works a lot. Most of them, works standing all the time, so, taking care of your feet is very important!

Some cruise company give the working shoes for their employes, but they ar not very comfortable.

You can use your own shoes but be carefull, because if you hurt yourself, the company woulod not be responsable for you, because you wre not using the shoe's company. It must to be slipers.

There are some silicone insoles that you can buy. They are very soft and your feet will get rest, also it can provide the natural humidity for the feet, yet it alleviates the impact.

For the girls, selves, gentle compression are a good option to provid rest for the legs. It can avoid varices too.

Legs and feet maintain the body, so if you cares a lot for it, do this little investment. Its a small investment for a greates good.

See you!!