sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

Arrivederci Edd - Barboy Costa Magica


Where you are, I hope you are in peace! That God be with you and you have comfort and that all the hearts of the people closes to you are quiet now! That they learn how to be without you and only remember the good times with you. Our friendship was brief but wonderful, It was great had met you and wherever you are now, please look at us!

Today we had a big lost. One of the crew members of Costa Magica passed away. He was about a month in a hospital e today he didn't resist the treatment and the worse came to happen.
Now we pray God to send him peace and lig
ht. That all the angels of God take care of aour friend Edivaldo from the bar. His last contract was at Costa Magica were he met Fabiana his girlfriend that took care of him until the end, She is a brave girl, and I really hope she gets better.
Edd was not so close friend to me like he was for others. I remember that almost everyday, when I used to go out from the pizzaria, at 3:00 am, I used
to see him at the corridors or the smoking point, where everybody from the bar used to be by this time.
He also was
always at the deck 9, working at the buffet.
He was important because, every time we called him to attend some passengers, he was always available. Nobady from the bar liked to work there, eider did him, but were always smiling and very polite.
Good bye,
so long,
far well...

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